jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013

Growing, Glowing

Somehow I can feel you. I feel you all the times, just sometimes Im not conscious about it, but the fact is that your presence is always with me. I see you in all the decisions I make, in all the fears that are left, in all the successful moments but also in my vulnerability, because no matter how stronger I become, as time pass by  I discover all the wisdom life has to show me. Is a big step what I have done in my life and what I have learn so far...but it still so much left to learn, to understand. In this moment of my life I dont have any excuse to avoid the challenges that are coming in my life, I am not a girl anymore....I am a woman that have the responsibility with her and with all of the gifts she had receive  from life to do something bigger than what she has done so far.  The closer I get the bigger the difficulties become, but there is something that is growing inside slowly but intensely  that keeps me in this road.

Its amazing know to discover how sleepy I was when I realize I wasn't able to see all of the magic in life, everything is so magic and I have missed so many things, so many wonderful details that now Im able to recognize and to enjoy. Life for me now is a game and finally im getting the idea of how to play it, it doesn't matter what I earn at the end as long as I enjoy my turn.

Is funny and magic at the same time how I am showing who I really am and slowly surprising my self of the things that I am able to do, I didn't know all of the knowledge that I have had inside my self that came out in all the limit situations I had live and I will.

But there is so much to left Im on my way to discover and I can not be more happy about it, im looking forward to see what is left to discover and to shine even brighter.